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"RATIKI"  1965 Chevy Suburban

 Assembling A Special Panel


Ditching the original instrument pod, I re-designed the entire dash panel to be tidier and more understated. In preparation for vintage style Mooneyes gauges, I made a template, sketched in the gauges, then placed the mock-up in the dash. After double-checking gauge legibility with the Caddy wheel in place, it was off to Crippen Sheet metal, where Cale fabricated the sheet metal dash panel.


I plumbed AC vents at the far ends of the dash and into the sides of the shifter console. An Ididit 5-way tilt wheel offers excellent adjustability. The audio system's head unit is integrated into the glove box, in a console I pieced together not once, but twice: First, with wood, glue, and cloth. Then again with wood, glue, cloth and screws. Yes, screws. If at first you don't succeed, just screw it.

The center dash area, where the radio originally was, now contains headlight, wiper, AC and fan switches. I created custom knobs, piecing melding So Cal Speed Shop knobs and Mooneyes bullets for a one-off custom touch, in keeping with the bullet theme of the horn button. The high-beam indicator and turn signal lights stems are tipped with homemade bullets, as well.







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