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"RATIKI"  1965 Chevy Suburban

A Stolen Paint Job


Considering the Burb's forward-slanting "B" and "C" pillars just like those found on 55-57 Nomads,  I couldn't help but wonder if we might be able to liberate a two-tone paint scheme directly from a '56, my favorite year.


My paint and body guy, Donnie Twomey, taped it off, we both liked it and off to the PPG paint supplier we went. I picked the shade of green while Donnie grimaced. Donnie suggested the Lexus pearl white metallic and a standard silver metallic to contrast the lime green. In truth, numerous friends and loved ones tried to talk me out of the apple green color I had in mind. But seeing the color combo transposed over an actual photo of my Burb -- thanks again to Kevin Peake-- only strengthened my resolve. 


To replicate the Nomad's side spears, Donnie used the silver metallic paint, carrying the color along the sides as if it were the actual trim, and up onto the roof for a subtle custom touch. I wanted the silver to be chunky style metal flake, but Donnie being a man of taste, talked me out of it. Probably a good thing.

As you can see, the rear taillight cove picks up the green and the bumpers are color-matched in silver. 

While we're on the subject of paint, don't let the photos on this website deceive you. The green is much more lime in color than the photos suggest. On cloudy days and in low light, or under fluorescents, the lime green will positively scorch your retinas. In bright sunlight, it shifts more to the yellow end of the lime green spectrum. It's really a fair shade greener that it appears on this website. The screen lies. No offense, Mr. Computer.






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