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"RATIKI"  1965 Chevy Suburban

A Full Body Massage



After visiting three body shops that came highly recommended, I chose Twomey's Auto Body to handle the rust repair, bodywork and paint. Don Twomey led the charge, with Ken patching the floors, rockers and the lower fenders with fresh panels . He also fixed the small rust holes on the lower doors, filled in the holes where the original trim was, shaved the antenna hole and the fender tags. Sonny did much of the blocking and sanding. The roof alone required days of work.

We shaved the bumpers, welding the bolts to the backside, then painted the bumpers silver along with the grill. The only exterior chrome would be the door handles, side view mirrors and rims.

Twomey's was a good call, as Donnie talked me out of dumb stuff and let me work on the truck while it was at his shop. Using Don's high-volume steam cleaning set-up and lift, I stripped the entire undercarriage with the help of Colin, my father-in-law. When I POR-15'ed the undercarriage, Donnie let me use his lift again. When I needed to pull the gas tank, Donnie helped drop it out. When I got my arm trapped past the elbow in a 5&1/2" speaker hole, one of Donnie's guys cut me out. In case I haven't mentioned it, the guys at Twomey's are the best. By the way, that's Colin, my father-in-law, smoking a cig next to the gas tank. Not nearly as suicidal as it appears, seeing as the tank was bone dry, having just been boiled out and recoated using a POR-15 gas tank restoration product.  









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